Resources for Children

These materials are designed to assist children as they experience family conflict

Children's Bill of Rights

"The Children's Bill of Rights During Family Conflicts" was compiled by CCS and highlights the specific rights of children during their parents' divorce, affording both parent and child the opportunity to acknowledge and respect the liberties of the child. Signing the "Bill of Rights" is the beginning, not the end. To review a two minute video of children reciting the Children’s Bill of Rights, please click on the link below.

Recommended Reading and Other Resources for Children

Click on the links below for helpful resources to guide children through understanding divorce.

Are your parents separating or getting a divorce? Are you confused about what that means or what is going to happen? Changeville is an interactive game, created by the Justice Education Society of British Columbia, that will help you learn about what to expect if your parents are separated or getting a divorce. It will take you to the Poster Shop to help you deal with the feelings you may  be confronted with. You’ll head down Legal Street to understand what divorce is and the process. Finally, you’ll go to Break Up Street and watch videos on situations you may face and how to deal with being caught in the middle. Click the links below for an interactive experience that will help you learn about what your family is going through and help you confront change and emotions.


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