Resources for Parents

These documents are designed to educate and guide the parents of children who are experiencing family conflict.

Children's Bill of Rights

"The Children's Bill of Rights During Family Conflicts" was compiled by CCS and highlights the specific rights of children during their parents' divorce, affording both parent and child the opportunity to acknowledge and respect the liberties of the child. Signing the "Bill of Rights" is the beginning, not the end. To review a two minute video of children reciting the Children’s Bill of Rights, please click on the link below.

Putting Children First During Family Conflict

This pamphlet, created by Child Centered Solutions, educates parents and professionals about the effects of family conflicts on children using current research literature. You will find information, tips and strategies on how to prepare you children for divorce, helping children cope with family change, positive parenting strategies, parenting plan tips, strategies for handling conflict, plus additional resources including websites and book recommendations.

Parenting Plan Guides

The Oregon Judicial Department has several guides to help parents create age-appropriate, individualized plans for children, including safety- based plans.

Parent Education Classes in Oregon

The Oregon Judicial Department's Index of Parent Education Classes in Oregon.

Recommended Reading and Web Resources for Parents

Divorce and separation can be hard on you and your family. These resources will help you manage high conflict situations while going through major changes with your children.