Web Resources for Parents

  • Child Centered Solutions

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  • Oregon Judicial Department | Family Law Program

  • Kids in the Crossfire

    • This short online video emphasizes the impact of parents’ behavior during divorce and includes suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children.

  • ShareKids

    • Web-based co-parenting resource that allows divorced parents to communicate about their children in a safe, non-confrontational manner. The site includes an online calendar and diary that each parent can access, photo galleries, resource center, and a shared school and homework platform.

  • 10 Tips for Divorcing Parents

    • From the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a list of ten suggestions for parents to keep the needs of their children in mind during the divorce process.

  • Our Family Wizard

    • An interactive online resource designed to help families with scheduling from separate households and managing important family information. “Tools to help eliminate miscommunication, avoid arguments, and protect children from conflict.”

  • Up to Parents

    • A free, interactive website that offers online exercises and support to help parents stay focused on their children during divorce. “Because peace for children is success for parents.”

  • Stepping Back from Anger

    • This 12 page booklet from American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers gives parents guidance to protect your children during divorce. It includes the “Children’s Bill of Rights” and other helpful resources. A companion video is also available for purchase. 

  • I am a Child of Divorce: Advice for Parents Getting a Divorce

    • Resources to assist divorced parents with communication skills and maintain a healthy environment for their children.

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